Heading outside?

Whether you’re looking for fresh running shoes, a new kayak paddle, a warmer sleeping bag, an ultra-durable messenger bag, or just a stylish new shirt, you should visit our store. We’re in the heart of downtown Bangor – and proud of it. Our staff are knowledgable, easy-going and focused on making your experience as a customer and as an outdoor adventurer the very best it can be.


We’re proud to be cosponsoring the American Folk Festival’s first Color Bangor 5k! It promises to be lots of fun, with a course starting on the Bangor waterfront and winding around some of our most notable landmarks – with color stations (it’s corn starch, folks) where your white shirt will get more and more beautiful as you progress along the course.

You can register here, or visit the American Folk Festival’s website for more information. We hope to see you there!


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